E.S.E.K (Espri Standartları Enstitüsü Kurumu) meaning The Institution of Wisecrack Standards, is an entertainment group that desires to see people who can say there name right in one try to be among them. The theatre was put together in 1990 by Gökhan Semiz and Uğur Uludağ, two young man from Bakırköy, Istanbul who saw it as a way to spend there free time productively. There first professional work was in 1995 at the Beyoğlu Küçük Sahne ( Beyoğlu Small Stage ). Till today they have put on stage 17 plays, 2 TV shows ( Bachelors and  3rd Kind ) and one movie ( Bir Ihtimal DahaVar, There is Another Possibility ), with these productions they have gathered a loyal audience for themselves. They have put on stage the first musical, comedy-fantasy play and first criminal – comedy plays in Turkey.

Bringing different perspectives into the Turkish theatre world E.S.E.K who have made a name for themselves with their radical choices and there belief of the concept of just having fun, all of there work is dedicated to there founders the late Gökhan Semiz, their mentor Savaş Dinçel, their friends Huban Öztoprak and Nese Simsek.